Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Seabrook Lucky Trails 1/2 Marathon

Saturday March 19th I ran the Seabrook Lucky Trails 1/2 marathon. This was not really a huge race in that there were only about 700 runners (on Saturday) but it was on narrow trails the entire race so it seemed pretty crowded. There was also a 2 person relay option, and they were having another 1/2 marathon and marathon on Sunday as well.
It started at 7:15am, so I got up a little before 5 and got dressed and had my go-to pre-race breakfast: very large coffee, peanut butter and banana sandwich. Seabrook is about 45 minutes away so I left about 5:30am and got there about 6:15 or 6:20ish. There was plenty of parking not far from the start so I didn't have to walk far, but I was kinda bored until the race started. It was actually a little chilly at the start. Not cold (in the 60's) but pretty breezy which made it nice. During the race though the breeze leaves, the temp rises, as does the humidity. YUCK.
This was a trail run which I didn't have any training on. The trails were narrow dirt/granite/rock trails and it was an out and back (2 times) course, so it was EXTREMELY crowded. For about the first .5 mile I was barely jogging it was so crowded but by about mile 1, 1 1/2 in thinned out some and I actually kept a pretty quick pace. But I do have to say that I really don't like courses were you have to make multiple loops. It is very mentally tough to pass the starting line and know you have to go back out and do it again. Then as you are going back out there are people coming the other direction that are almost done. Proud of those fast people, don't get me wrong, but it makes me feel uber slow.
Anyways, I brought 2 Gu's with me cause I usually take one at mile 5 and one at mile 10. I didn't end up taking the first one until I got back to the start (around 6.5 miles) and was starting the 2nd loop. This will come back and bite me because I should have taken the 2nd one at mile 11 but I didn't because my brain just kept saying you're almost done why take one now and I almost ran out of steam altogether at mile 12.5. I had to really gut it out and my legs felt like bricks the last .6 miles.
I did it though, and I finish in 2:13.45. Was hoping to beat 2:10 but I think I was just overly ambitious and didn't know what I was in for with the trails and stuff.
It was a cool race. Very well organized, cool medals, and good post race food but I don't know if I'll do it again. Trails really aren't my thing.
I hate race photos because I think I look like such a goob in them. Here are mine anyway. I am a goob after all!

This pic looks like I ran a marathon in 2:14. haha

And because I have to....every.single.time.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Workouts for the week 3/21 - 3/27

Monday: 4 mile run edit 3/21 -- 4.5 mile treadmill run; legs a little sore still from Saturdays 1/2 so I took it slow but still a good run for the treadmill. Tuesday: 1 hour Yoga, 15 minutes yoga abs edit 3/22 -- 1 hour yoga Wednesday: 5 mile run edit 3/23 -- 4.5 mile run Thursday: 1 hour Yoga edit 3/24 -- off Friday: 8 mile run edit 3/25 -- 9 mile run Saturday: off edit 3/26 -- technically didn't "work out" but was at the ladies retreat and did a lot of walking and did an "amazing race" thing which was about a mile of short sprints Sunday: 4 mile run edit 3/27 -- off Total miles: 18

Spring Break hiatus

Sorry no blogging during spring break. I was busy busy, and when I wasn't busy I was sleeping or playing or breaking up wwIII, you get the picture :)

Here are my workouts for the week of Spring Break 3/14-3/20
Monday: 4.5 mile run (on the treadmill, it was torture)
Tuesday: went to the zoo for about 4 hours during the day, thats gotta count for some exercise right?! 30 minutes of yoga
Wednesday: 4.5 mile run outside
Thursday: off
Friday: off
Saturday: Seabrook Lucky Trails 1/2 marathon 2:13.45 I'll recap later

Miles for the week: 22.1 miles

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dream vacations

It really is funny how your perspective changes as you get older. And a lot of it has to do with growing up, and maturing and just having different priorities and responsibilities. I get all that. I just still find it fascinating (and often times mind boggling) how much I've changed over the years.
Lets talk about vacations.
As a child, every single summer, we would take a family vacation for weeks at a time traveling all over the country (By the age of 16 I had been to every state but Alaska and Hawaii). Often times I would have a blast. More often than not though I would for the most part complain about the trip and how long we were gone because I was a teenager and that was part of my job description, to be a brat, and I was good at my job. (I would give anything to take one of those vacations right now!)
In my early 20's I took a lot of "vacations." Lots of road trips were taken to different places all over the state doing lots of things I don't want to post about because my mom and dad read this blog. That's all I'm going to say about that ;)
Then I got married, and got knocked up and a vacation was just something I got to dream about. Since Will came along in '07 we've taken a few weekend trips to water parks and such. Brandon took me on an extended birthday weekend trip for my 30th birthday this past summer. But we've never really taken a vacation like the vacations I had become accustomed to as a child. I do believe that we are going to remedy this in the upcoming summer. I'm hoping this summer we can take our first family vacation (thinking probably San Antonio and Austin for a week).

My dream vacation:
My dream vacation is a 14 day cruise to Hawaii and a 14 day cruise to Alaska back to back. Wouldn't that be awesome. I could take a month long vacation (with B of course!) and cross the last 2 states off my list. This is a bucket list thing for me.

It's funny how my mindset has changed though. I use to think of vacations as a time to relax, and maybe party a little bit. Or where could we go so that the kids have a good time but B and I aren't completely miserable.
Now when I think about vacations, I get excited about going to run or workout in a cool new place. I not only plan stuff for us to do, but I plan my runs or workouts for the trip before we leave (I am a total geek, but I completely embrace this!).
I came across an article in this months issue of Runners World magazine about 3 different cruise lines that offer 7 day cruises where you do a group run, or race in every port. There is an Alaskan cruise, and 2 different Caribbean cruises. Isn't that awesome? (feel free to roll your eyes at me, it's okay). I think I may have found a new dream vacation! Are you reading this B?!?!

This is a 7 day cruise that starts in San Juan and goes to St. Thomas (5k race), Tortola (5K hill run), Antigua (8mile run), Dominica (Trial run), and Barbados (5K race).
What's your dream vacation?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


A. Age: 30
B. Bed size: Queen size, and won't ever upgrade. B and I like to sleep close together.
C. Chore you dislike: Cleaning the bathroom, yucky
D. Dogs: I wish, but so far both of my kids are afraid of dogs
E. Essential start to your day: As soon as I wake up I drink a big glass of water, then I start making my coffee
F. Favorite color: Purple
G. Gold or silver: silver
H. Height: 5’6
I. Instruments you play(ed): Does Guitar Hero count? What about air guitar? I played the cornet (like a trumpet) for 2 1/2 years in junior high, and I can play chop sticks on the piano.
J. Job title: Teacher (I teach 11th grade U.S. History)
K. Kids: William Kenneth 3 1/2 years old; Ella Lee 2 years old
L. Live: Crosby, Texas
M. Mom’s name: Patricia Ann (Pat Ann, or Batman as Will calls her)
N. Nicknames: H.D.
O. Overnight hospital stays: Twice, after each of my kids were born.
P. Pet peeves: Laziness of teenagers, entitlement, adult idiots who think they are the smartest person in the room. Oh, and not properly putting kids in car seats
Q. Quote from a movie: "Would you like me to have the court reporter read it back to you?"
R. Righty or lefty: Lefty
S. Siblings: Matthew
T. Time you wake up: M-F 5:15am Saturday and Sunday whenever the kids decide to get up, or 5:30 am when it's summer time and I have to run before the heat gets unbearable.
U. Underwear: Um, Yes? I do wear underwear. weird
V. Vegetables you dont’ like: beets, and I can't think of anymore right now, I like most vegetables.
W. What makes you run late: My kids most of the time, but I'm just naturally not on time, most of the time I underestimate the amount of time I have to get ready
X. X-rays you’ve had: Teeth, chest, ankle
Y. Yummy food you make: Green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole
Z. Zoo animal favorites: elephants and the fish

Monday, March 7, 2011

5 days until Spring Break!!

The count down is on and I cannot wait!!
I've been completely and totally burned out at work which is not a good sign considering it's only March. Burn out for me usually sneaks up right after the TAKS test in early May.
I need a break in the worse kind of way. I'm looking forward to sleeping in a little (as much as my 2 darling, early rising children will let me), going on fun outings to the zoo and such, and running outside since we turn the clocks forward this Sunday. Oh, and I'm running a little 1/2 marathon next Saturday the 19th, AND I get to go see Ryan Bingham at the House of Blues that night. So I'm really ready for this week to be over and get my Spring Break STARTED!

Weekend update:
Saturday morning I woke up about 6:30. Actually my alarm was set for 6:30 but I was woken up by 2 hands on my face, 2 big brown eyes looking at me, and a cute 3 1/2 year old telling me the sun was up so it was time to wake up. I need to teach him to find his dad's side of the bed! So I got up and made my coffee and had a protein bar and a banana and tried to get motivated to get ready for my weekend long run. On the plan was a 10 miler. I looked outside and it was raining. But it was kind of cool and breezy (it was not yet cold, but it would get that way fast). Since it was still in the high 60 degrees I opted to wear shorts and t-shirt, I would regret that decision by about mile 8. I didn't start my run until about 7:45 and the rain had stopped but it was still overcast with just a little breeze. The first 5 miles were really good but I was running pretty slow (around 10:30 min/mile). I'm pretty sure this is due to the squat and lunge fest I decided to do as part of my workout on Thursday. My legs felt like bricks that were on fire for most of the run. I took a Gu around mile 5 (Jessica: it was mint chocolate and it was yummy :-) Jessica thinks Gu are the grosses thing in the world! She's gagging right now haha) and that helped for the 2nd half of the run and I averaged a 10 min/mile pace. Around mile 8 it got really windy, blowing me over windy, and temp dropped into the 50's. It was pretty cold, but I was almost done so I sucked it up and finished the last 2 miles a little faster than the rest.
I was very glad when that run was over.
The rest of Saturday was spent eating lunch with my little family (yummy Jason's Deli) and hanging with the inlaws for an hour or 2 before going home to do some chores. Husband rewarded me for my hard work with sushi! I may or may not be borderline addicted to sushi. It is so yummy.
Sunday was low key. Church, short 3 mile run, laundry, small group (where I ate WAY too much of Jessica's awesome food; my friend Jessica may be the 2nd greatest cook I know, #1 being my mother in law), home to get ready for the week.
B is working some crazy hours at work this week and his rodeo work shifts start on Saturday. I have a workout plan, but I'm not sure how closely I'll be able to stick to it. Depends on if my kids cooperate and go to bed easily and on time :) I'm afraid I may have to do my long run on the treadmill and the thought of it makes me want to weep. Maybe we'll invade my mom's house on Saturday. I'll have the kids ask her, she just can't seem to say no to them LOL
We shall see.

Workouts for the week of 3/7 - 3/13

Monday -- 4 mile run
edit 3/7 -- 4.53 mile treadmill run
Tuesday -- Yoga
edit 3/8 -- 1 hour of yoga (which I did in a long sleeve shirt to make it my own form of "hot yoga" and then I did part of the 15 minute yoga abs, only did part cause my abs were ON FIRE!
Wednesday -- 6 mile run
edit 3/9 -- 6.3 mile run outside in gorgeous weather! 1:03.25
Thursday -- Yoga
edit 3/10 -- 30 minutes of yoga
Friday -- off
Saturday -- 11 mile run
edit 3/12 -- 9.5 mile run; tough run, was ready to call it quits at mile 7 but gutted out another 2.5 miles and had to call it quits cause it was getting late in the morning and B had to leave to go to rodeo.
Sunday -- 3 mile run
edit 3/13 -- 3.1 mile run

Total for the week: 23.43 miles

Friday, March 4, 2011

Is crazy genetic?

The answer is most definitely YES!
My very young and hip father is my crazy hero. Since retiring from the Houston Fire Department 6 years ago he has been the wild and crazy guy on a bike. Oh, and he's almost 58 years old!!
Here's a quote from his journal about all of his adventures (I wanted to make sure I got it all right):
"Since retiring I've ridden a complete Southern Tier in '07 (for non riders -- this route goes from San Diego to St Augustine, FL -- 3160 miles), a half Southern Tier in '07 and have ridden three times from Houston to Kansas in '07, '09, & '10 (incorporating the OKFreeWheel). This tour will also be along the Southern Tier from El Paso to Houston. I tour on a Windsor Tourist (Molly) towing a Bob Trailer (Bob)." (He also does a ride called Ragbrai, which is a 7 day ride across the state of Iowa. I did parts of Ragbrai with him in the summer of 2005).

Tonight he embarks on his latest riding adventure. My dad and a friend are going to hop on an AmTrak train (with all of their riding equipment) and are going to ride the train to El Paso. Once there, they will begin making their way back to Houston via bike.

Pretty cool huh?!?!
Crazy is the new cool!
Good Luck Daddy! We'll miss you!!

You can keep up with his crazy adventures on his R.A.T. (Ride Across Texas) ride. He has an online journal at

Papa D and Ella (the Do-rag gang) at the Gulf of Mexico
He was dipping his tire (a bicycling tradition) in the water at the beginning of a ride trip to Oklahoma
Dad and his bike (Molly) and his trailer (Bob) after making it to Oklahoma

Dipping his tire in the Atlantic Ocean (in San Augustine, FL) at the of his Southern Tier ride.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Snack Attack

Meet my nemesis: The Vending Machine!!

For some reason this week I've had a huge case of the munchies. I cannot seem to get enough food to satisfy me. I hate it when this happens because a lot of time it sets off a very bad eating cycle for me. When I do get the urge to snack more in between meals, I try to keep healthier snacks around to munch on: carrot and celery sticks w/hummus, apple slices w/all natural peanut butter, strawberry Greek yogurt w/cocoa dusted almonds are my 3 most favorite snacks (I have a borderline addiction to hummus and peanut butter, oh AND almond butter! me loves!!). I also always have a protein bar or something in my purse in case I'm out and about and the munchies strike (to keep me from running through the drive through or something).
I am not perfect, however, and do sometimes cave to the temptations of the unhealthier food options (usually chocolate laced). When this would happen a year ago, I would have felt horrible, thought I was a horrible person, and then would have really beat myself up over it. Then I realized that I needed to give myself a break. A BIG BREAK!! I'm human and 90% of the time I make very healthy eating choices, and I'm also extremely active, so I really need to chill out (I hate it).

The weekends are usually the worst for me. Being a teacher I have a very regimented schedule and it's easier to schedule out my meals and snacks and they are eaten at the same time everyday. When I'm home on the weekends it seems to be a free for all in the eating department. And the kitchen is so close that it's really easy for me to graze all day out of boredom. I also have a bad habit getting into the mindset that it's the weekend and I need to just enjoy it and I'll go back to healthy eating on Monday. That completely defeats the purpose.
I'm throwing all of this out there because I'm trying to make myself more accountable. I want to enjoy the food that I love but I don't want to just eat healthy 5 days a week and then it be a free for all. (I'm fearful that if I don't get it under control it's really going to become an issue when summer rolls around and I'm home all the time).
This weekend I'm going to try harder (should be easier since I've confessed my sins, and now I don't want to disappoint!) to stick to my healthy eating plan and not cave! I have a plan to make my breakfast, lunch, and snacks ahead of time like I do during the week so it'll be easier. I'll report back on Monday and let you know how it goes.
P.S. this is not about weight, but keeping up healthier eating habits!
disclaimer: I do still allow myself some kind of treat almost everyday, just a healthier treat: frozen yogurt, healthy no bake cookies, fruit with dark chocolate, etc.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

temporarily out of order

Sorry. No blog today. I'm sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what comes out of Charlie Sheen's mouth today. His incoherent, cocaine induced rants and ramblings have been the highlights of my days here of late :) I heard his publicist quit. Duh, wouldn't you?!?!
Charlie Sheen has quite effectively dethroned Mel Gibson as the captain of the Crazy Train!

There use to be an old Jeff Foxworthy joke about how if you think your family is crazy then just go to the state fair. Well, I use to think I was crazy until Charlie Sheen came along.

Charlie Sheen in one of my favorite movies, Ferris Bueller's Day off
On a sad note, he has small children. I weep for their therapist bill when they are older!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Saturday, after the Rodeo run, B and I had a date at the BBQ cookoff. It's the World famous BBQ cookoff! :-) We had lots of fun and got to hang out with some of our favorite people, and listen to some good music. Funny enough though, I didn't eat any bbq. The night did end with me rolling down a hill, good times were had by all. :)

Because every fun day should start out with a self portrait head shot!

Sunny Sweeny -- super cute and sassy and a really good performer. She actually almost cried when the entire audience was singing "From a table away." She put on such a great show.

One of our all time/old time favorites Cory Morrow. We haven't seen him live in over 5 years so this was pretty cool. He put on such a great show and it was just like old times.

Maggie, Claire, me, and Nicole
love these girls!

Maggie convinced me that I really needed to be "that girl," super stalker fan right here!


Cause thats how he rolls